Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: April 2013

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Moffat-less Doctor Who Episodes

I seriously believe that episodes like these ones are made for us to appreciate the Moffat written episodes more. Seriously. Take S07x E08 The Rings of Akhaten, good build up, nice story, good melodies, great epic sacrifice attempt by The Doctor, amazing speech  story to stop all the other stories.... and what? It's the insignificant leaf of Clara that saves the day? Come on!!! Steven Moffat would have never let that happen if that was his episode, you just know the expect epic-ness at an epic level with him. That really pissed me off, right there. I swear I got goose bumps when Doctor made his speech, I was sitting at the edge of my seat and then.. puff!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Doctor in the Digital Age!

I've not been actively keeping up with the date of the new Doctor Who episode and then boom! there it is; s07xe07 The Bells of Saint John

I must say I really enjoyed this episode. It was quirky, fun and cleverly thought (but in a very very narrow  minded margin. You have access to capture people via wireless and you limit yourself to London? Why?? ) From the very first second I began the mantra 'don't be an episode about internet, don't be an episode about internet' but there you are, an episode about how the internet sucks you in, literally!! But it was good overall, one of the better episodes of Steven Moffat.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

From Fringe to Star Trek: J.J. Abrams

 I was dreading writing this but the first step to a recovery is to accept it and move on with your life. 
I am so very upset with the Fringe producers and writers but most of all I'm so angry at J.J.Abrams, for coming up with a very cleverly thought series and abandoning it towards the end. It's so apparent the lack of his attention starts from the beginning of season 4. 
The final episode S05 x E13 An Enemy of Fate was so unfitting for the glorious-ness of the series that it made me feel uncomfortable as a fan. Yeah there were one or two scenes that I liked, but overall it was a bad mid-season episode let alone the series finale.

Actually, my anger towards him was fueled with him going back on his word; that he was never going to be involved with a Star Wars production. Yeah never say never J.J.... He is now the director of the new production of the Star Wars movies after the Disney merge.