Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: Moffat-less Doctor Who Episodes

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Moffat-less Doctor Who Episodes

I seriously believe that episodes like these ones are made for us to appreciate the Moffat written episodes more. Seriously. Take S07x E08 The Rings of Akhaten, good build up, nice story, good melodies, great epic sacrifice attempt by The Doctor, amazing speech  story to stop all the other stories.... and what? It's the insignificant leaf of Clara that saves the day? Come on!!! Steven Moffat would have never let that happen if that was his episode, you just know the expect epic-ness at an epic level with him. That really pissed me off, right there. I swear I got goose bumps when Doctor made his speech, I was sitting at the edge of my seat and then.. puff!

Maybe his story filled the 'God' 99.99999% and Clara's leaf of possibility theory just tipped it off? That brilliant insight belongs to my brother, I cannot be that positive about the plot, I'm sorry Mr. Neil Cross, I'm sure you're very talented but that moment in the episode was just not Doctor material. The episode that's gonna air on the 20th Hide is his work too, we'll see if he can make it up to us. It looks like it's going to be a horror episode and I love those only in Doctor Who. Let's hope it won't be in 420 state of mind. *winks*

Another very big thing that bothered me was the visual effects. Doctor Who has very successfully been a science fiction series that does not involve a lot of complicated effects and that is how every episode had been written accordingly. The 'space craft' scenes and such were so unnecessary that as soon as we saw them, the very first thing we said was 'we do not need these kind of things to decrease the quality of this amazing show'. I mean the only and most advanced effect Doctor Who needs and has is the appearance/disappearance of The Tardis. Hope Mr. Cross haven't made that mistake in the next episode.

As for the newest episode, S07 x E09 Cold War they made up the trailer to be a whole 'nother level of epic-ness but in the end it didn't even add up to something, I feel like the plot is still hanging in there waiting for us to watch the next bit, except... there is no bit left. And that's the second time Clara doesn't feel like she fits in here. She was good as The Souffle Girl and okay in The Snowmen but not the other episodes. She just doesn't feel like a good match for The Doctor. Maybe that is because we had pretty awesome companions in the past... In my previous post, I've talked about The Doctor's transition and how he fit, because of all that, I strongly believe Clara is not a good fit for the current Doctor's 'character'.

And please someone tell me that Clara's clothing is some kind of reference to something, please. Because if not, someone in the costume department must have some sort of hatred towards poor Jenna to dress her like she have been in the past two episodes. But I must say I am loving Doctor's new purple jacket.

Ok, enough with the negativeness. I actually truly really love this show, any kind of criticism comes from the advanced devotion I feel towards it. Any other thing that ı don't talk about, I love.

Small remarks from the episodes:

The Rings of Akhaten: Clock that is called grandfather?... A... grandfather clock? Nice *winks*

The Rings of Akhaten: Doctor's epic speech... I must admit it was very well thought - until it wasn't - but I would have wished to hear one or two of Doctor's adventures that we never heard of. Those would have been epic on their own, without Clara's leaf. And music/melody to accompany it is just right..

Oh and I just want to say my heart is with the people of Boston and US. My condolences for the families of those who lost their lives in the Boston Marathon bombing and get well wishes for the injured.

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