Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: Doctor in the Digital Age!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Doctor in the Digital Age!

I've not been actively keeping up with the date of the new Doctor Who episode and then boom! there it is; s07xe07 The Bells of Saint John

I must say I really enjoyed this episode. It was quirky, fun and cleverly thought (but in a very very narrow  minded margin. You have access to capture people via wireless and you limit yourself to London? Why?? ) From the very first second I began the mantra 'don't be an episode about internet, don't be an episode about internet' but there you are, an episode about how the internet sucks you in, literally!! But it was good overall, one of the better episodes of Steven Moffat.

But I think Matt Smith deserves some recognition here too. In this episode I finally saw that he clicked as his own version of the Doctor. Since Amy was the first being he ever saw, he kinda built his 11th Doctor personality on her and since he's been with her from the beginning, he never had the chance to actually be his own being. David Tennant's Doctor was an entity on his own, he had many companions over time, it appears Rose affected him the most, but even with her, he was two different Doctors. He did not change how he acted with every different companion, but with Matt Smith's character, he was too much based on Amy, they connected both their characters dependent on each other. Since Doctor met Amy when she was a child, he unintentionally affected her whole being. 

Now that The Doctor is on his own, so to say, he is finding himself. But I'm afraid kinda have a feeling that he will be too invested in Clara too. I kinda had that feeling with him, as the 11th Doctor, I mean.
Another thing is I don't feel like Jenna Louise Coleman - Clara the Souffle Girl- is quite the right fit for The Doctor. She doesn't feel like she has what it takes to devote herself to a show like Doctor Who. We'll see.  

If you feel sadistic and want to create a wireless network with the consuming alien name, here is how you do it. But seriously, whatever you do, do. not. click

Best quote and metaphor I heard in a long time was: 
"When you say mobile phone, why do you point at that blue box?"
"Because it's a surprisingly accurate description."
And is it not a perfect mobile phone? Yes, yes it is.

Oh, is it me or was the intro a little bit more excitement inducing before? It feels it's a bit mellow now, doesn't make me wanna get up and save worlds or anything. Anyway, that's all for now, be back with the next episode.

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