Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: TV Shows

Sunday, December 12, 2010

TV Shows

Those who know me also know that Fridays are my favorite! No, not because of the weekend. It 'cause all the good shows air Thursday!.... Just hold on I'm getting there. Because of my location and the time difference I can watch them early Friday. Let me tell you the shows and I know you will understand me. Well there are other shows I like too, that air on other days or haven't started to air yet but these are 'Friday Specials' as me and my brother call them. This is an informatory entry to let you know about which TV-shows I'm going to write about. If your favorites are in the list, well stay tuned....
Here is the full list of the TV shows I like:
30 Rock
Doctor Who
Modern Family
SGU: Stargate Universe
The Big Bang Theory
The Office

Reviews, previews and trivia will be up soon!

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