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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Modern Finale

There are shows that you wait every week to watch, especially every week on Thursdays to watch, and there are shows that air on a different day than the rest so you can give your whole attention to it. Modern Family is just that. It airs on Wednesdays, not on Thursdays, which everyone thinks that every show-to-watch must be on, but on boring Wednesdays. And that is why I love it. It kind of prepares me for the rest of the shows that will be aired later days.
And now the season is over, Modern Family went away with a perfect finale to suit its glory.

Spoilers ahead..

It's Jay's birthday and everyone is on their own world to prepare their gifts... Of course this is Modern Family and somethings gotta go wrong. But the beauty is the way they put those failures together to give us one hell-of-a show.

My favorite moments are quite a lot in this one:

Mitchell finding the sailor costume so quickly... There is a story behind there only Mitchell and Cam should know.

Door bell rings, Gloria opens the door and sees Lily, by her self, holding a single rose. 
Gloria: "Lily, what you doing here?"

Claire's wine-opening trick.... Now, I gotta try that sometime when I'm in a big garden so that when it spills or breaks I will be prepared.

Phil comparing Gloria to an Aston Martin.
Phil: "It [people mistaking Lily was Phil and Gloria's daughter] reminded me of a college job I had parking cars. One day, I had to park an Aston Martin, I'll never forget the looks I got driving that baby down the block. And I wasn't gonna dent this one."

Phil's friend looking at Gloria: "Is that your wife?"
Phil: "It would appear so."

During the series whenever something happened we could hear Phil shouting "I got Gloria!" now he pushes Gloria around and shouts "I got Claire!!" :)

I love the fact that Phil speaks with the faulty stair step like it's an actual person. Yelling at it to 'cut it out'.

Jay's presents from everyone fails somehow;
Claire and Mitchell can't get the picture taken,
While drinking the wine that was going to be Phil's present,
Gloria misunderstands saxophone for a sexy-phone,
Cam's birthday cake present both stops being a surprise and falls to the ground,
Haley, Alex and Luke's video present can't fill the expectation...
Aren't we forgetting someone....
Of course, Manny comes in to save the day with his epic gift!
A boat. In the pool. With beer for Jay and sandwiches... That kid is going to be 'the' character of the series one day...

And It looks like there is going to be another baby in the series next year with Cam and Mitchell thinking about adopting another baby, a boy this time. If he's anything like the cutie Lily and her almost creepy calm self, you won't find any objections from me...

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