Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: Fringe - Only 5 Episodes Left

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Fringe - Only 5 Episodes Left

A lot has happened in Fringe from the the middle of the last season (Season 4), with 4 more episodes to go. Now why are they finishing at episode 13? Because they want to end the series at the 100th episode mark. Doesn't make much sense if you ask me because everything feels pretty rushed right now. For instance we didn't resolve any of the dilemma at the end of season 4. Why is Peter trapped in this universe, is this really his universe, how come Olivia remember things happened in another universe and most importantly what happened to the other universe?! Just because they closed the bridge, doesn't mean they solved any mysteries or anything.

Anyway these are the things I want answers to, judging by J.J. Abram's style, I don't think we'll know more when the series ends. But last we heard, J.J. Abrams does not seem to be too involved with Fringe anymore, and comparing the new episodes to the older ones, it is very possible. Fringe feels kind of different now.  I don't fully understand why people lost interest in Fringe. When they moved the show to Friday nights, it wasn't at a point where only true fans would endure to watch, it was still interesting.

But now, I wonder If I weren't such a fan of the show, would I wait week after week for the new episode? That's why this new season feels like they're rushing an end just for us true fans. Even J.J. Abrams said so, "We're so excited to begin to work on a fifth season of Fringe and to be able to deliver the 13 final episodes  to our passionate and devoted fans." Well, thanks but us 'passionate and devoted fans' can feel something's wrong with the show. No matter, I still like it and will feel sad when it ends. Yes.

Last week's episode S05xE08 The Human Kind, as questionable as it was, was superb. My favorite moment, like many other's, was the part with Windmark finding out about Peter's plans. Just when I was thinking why doesn't Windmark 'see' Peter's plans, he finds out and just when I was feeling bad that the plan wasn't going to pan out, it turns out Peter knew he was going to find out, with the writing '5:42 You are here' fading away to show it is 5:42 and he is there. That was incredible and one of many reasons why I love this show.

I was also pleased Peter's Observer status didn't span out too much, though he was fun to watch. However the act of him pulling out the 'Observer Antenna' himself, was not logical and despite everything happening in the show seemed most unrealistic.
As for this week's episode, S05xE09 Black Blotter, we're still in year 2036, we're still trying to find out Walter's plans via his video blogs but this episode was more like a continuance of the previous one. The radio they found starts working and they try to decode the message that does not feel like anything they know, so they try to find the source of the signal, meanwhile Walter drops acid and floats in his own version of reality. Those parts were pretty fun, seeing things through Walter's eyes, especially when he tries to remember the password, in his mind everything is in drawing and unreal. That part is why I still watch this show, they find ways to surprise us with unexpected methods.
By the way for those who didn't catch it Black Blotter is the type of the acid Walter dropped.

Glyph Code in this episode wrote out G U I L T. Referring to Walter reading/remembering what he wrote in his journal, all the inventions and plans the 'original/evil' Walter thought of.

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