Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: New Girl : Simply Adorkable

Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Girl : Simply Adorkable

I know I'm a little late to 'promote' the 'new' series New Girl, so I'm just gonna dive in and highlight my favorite parts, and even then this post will not be sufficient enough tribute for this show.

You know how sad we were when Friends ended and there were no other shows that could catch up to it? Well I think New Girl might be the thing.

The simultaneously weird and adorable Jessica Day (Zooey Deschanel) and her equally sometimes more so weirder housemate Nick Miller (Jake Johnson), Winston Bishop (Lamorne Morris) and of course, Schmidt (Max Greenfield) with Jessica's goddess-like model friend Cecilia 'Cece' Meyers (Hannah Simone) color our Tuesdays.

Sometimes even though I expect Jessica's weirdness, she does something so unexpected that I fall off the couch laughing. Like in S02xE07 Menzies, where she looses it in her interview... I'm sure I will loose my self again whenever I hear ' a....cuuup'!! And here is the puppy in question , well a very close one anyway :)

I'm gonna add the video here too, 'cause you know if you're ever feeling the menzies you can come here and feel better :)

But the first moment Jess captured my attention as a promising character was one of her very first lines when someone says they like her glasses, she simply says: Thanks, they help me see.... That, is why this show and Jess is Simply Adorkable.

One of my all time favorite moment in TV, I'm just gonna let the clip talk for itself, S01xE19 Secrets :

Both the 'Jessica P, Jessica freaking P!' and the 'No! No!' tantrum are moments seal the deal for me.

Aside from the mangificen-ce of the main characters, the supporting actors adn actresses are tı be mentioned too. Another of my favorite moments were the parts where Cece's Russian model friend Nadia. I love her lines and her movements, especially when she sees herself in the magazine, 'There's meee'.

I can't say much about Winston but Nick and Schmidt are quite prominent characters themselves, Nick's neurotic nature is amazing to watch and the way Jake Johnson portrays the shifts in Nick's emotions is what makes him the actor he is, for me at least. And Schmidt's douche-bag-ness on top of his emotional vulnerability with Max Greenfield's dedication, is the reason he is my favorite character. :) 

And did you notice me never mentioning Schmidt's first name? Because nobody knows, really not even in the official FOX website. Every character's full name is mentioned in one of the episodes but never Schmidt's. That's a mystery I am looking very much to uncover.

As for the latest episode S02xE10 Bathtub, I was really looking forward to the Cece Schmidt match again, but guess that's not happening, yet. I'm saying yet because... come on, you know it's gonna happen sometime, everyone thinks the same about Nick & Jess but I'm not sure about that. Cece and Schmidt? Definitely yes.

There is a lot to be said about New Girl but I still think referring New Girl as the new Friends is enough. What I mean with that is, no matter what if you're feeling down, any episode of New Girl can be the tool to pick you up, any episode. And that, is saying something in my terms.

Catch New Girl on Fox every Tuesdays 9/8c.


  1. very impressive blog darling, keep up the good work

  2. I totally agree with you. New Girl is the only tv series making me laugh nowadays and especially when I'm feeling down as you said. Schmidt is my favourite character and his parts are really funny. I am not sure but when Schmidt's cousin comes, he mentions his name when they discuss who is better. Good job Cansu by the way ;)

    Ceren Teksahin