Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: Snowflakes - Part 2: Geekiness

Friday, December 21, 2012

Snowflakes - Part 2: Geekiness

Tardis and Doctor coming out it with Fez and Sonic Screwdriver
This is the second part of my snowflakes, you can find the first ones here, it's mostly snowflakes of names of my friends I designed.

These however are strictly geeky ones. I've put the sites I got the ideas from at the end but if you're interested in making some yourself, I'd say just create your own ones, the satisfaction you get when you unfold one you've designed is so much more fulfilling. I've hung some of them on my windows, you can see in the pictures here.

I liked these the best, there were failed attempts too, so these aren't the only ones. There is a technique, making very narrow gaps, strings that I just can't seem to do. Maybe my papers aren't suitable for those.

Tardis and Dalek

Arwen's Evenstar Pendant
Rohan Horse

 Lothlorien Leaf 

The one on the left is the one original one I saw online. An you can see the narrow lines I was talking about in the leaves. I think my blade and thinness of the paper plays a big role in making those.

Star Trek

Storm Trooper
Darth Vader

Star Wars: One of the StormTrooper heads ripped off

These are some of the templates I used.

And here are the sites I was inspired from, so that if you have a vast amount of time on your hands you can make some yourself too.


Doctor Who:

Lord of the Rings: This site is awesome! She has and makes unbelievable Lotr trivial items. check out her blog. Especially this post.

For others I just made several Google searches and improvised on them myself.


  1. What can I say,I congragulate you.These are beautiful.

  2. Darth Vader ve Yoda, gerçekten çok güzel, Rivendell ince iş olmuş:)) Çok güzeller:))