Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: November's For Love, But Everything's Better in December

Sunday, December 9, 2012

November's For Love, But Everything's Better in December

Tumblr_meru75fam41qex8cgo1_500_largeLike many, Christmas is my favorite time, I love everything to do with winter actually, maybe it's because I'm a snow-baby, my birthday is in January.

November may be sweet but December is all about Christmas and snow and lights and decorations! Here in Turkey the decorations come out closer to New Year's, I can't wait for all the malls come alive with Christmas lights.

This is Vakko's famous store in Istanbul, a very famous and prestigious Turkish brand. They are also known for their Christmas decorations. Some say there is also a machine they puffs out fake snow every now and then, but none of us really saw it happen, but the idea is still very cool.  Oh and for bigger effect, I should mentions this: It hasn't snowed in Istanbul, yet....

I don't have many posts for Christmas, decorations and settings this year but themed-songs and such don't change that much over the years, so I'm just going to refer you to my previous posts on the subject. Just search Christmas tagged posts or click here.

Post below was my opening of the season two years ago, thought it was appropriate for a repost.

"Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: December 13th:

I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I love the decorations, I love the tree, I love presents, I love the movies... I love and am full of Christmas Spirit! I love it when malls are all alight with sparkling, snowflake shaped lights and the windows are full of Christmas item, present boxes, toys, decorations....
you could say I'm a total Christmas freak... Well some what. I don't religiously celebrate Christmas but I love it anyway. In Turkey well mostly in my family we do Christmas stuff on New Year's Eve; the big dinner, presents, decorating the house... But most people just party with friends rather than being with family. Being so full of Christmas spirit myself I wanted to do something special and post Christmas pictures for the last 12 days to Christmas and 7 days to the New Year.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and songs I find for you!
Happy Holidays everyone!  "

I love these cool photos, I'll post some more if I could find more... Click on them for bigger versions.




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