Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost: The Doctor and The Souffle Girl

Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Doctor and The Souffle Girl

Well I was completely wrong now wasn't I?...

Just finished watching Doctor Who special, S07xE06 The Snowmen and I'm feeling a little boggled. It was not exactly like I envisioned in my mind. It wasn't very Christmas-y, if there weren't snow around I would have mistaken it for any other episode. Although I don't think any special could compare to the special two years ago, S06xE00 'A Christmas Carol'. Now that was a Christmas Special.

The rest contains lots and lots of SPOILERS, actually it's nothing but SPOILERS, you've been warned.

I liked The Snowmen. I thought, as a villain, they were a good idea, the way they emerge and their creepiness was perfect, but felt like there was something not fitting in their nature. They're feeding off of memory but you can't on purpose un-think of something can you? The Snowmen. Imagine them melting. Okay. They melt. Oh good they are gone. Who is gone? The Snowmen! Back to the beginning. The 'source' of the Snowmen was very cool though. There is nothing Sir Ian McKellen's voice cannot give life to.

It was a very good touch that The Doctor was deeply effected by Amy and Rory's deaths. He always gets effected when letting go a companion but when they die or some sort, he gets very vulnerable. In the prequel he did keep on saying 'I don't do this anymore'. Just like in the real episode, he retreated to his cocoon in the clouds, watching the world go by.
The ladder to The Tardis was very clever, finally The Doctor doesn't leave The Tardis lying around for it to get in trouble. Which brings us to The Tardis. Not just some writings, the whole interior is changed! First I thought how come did it change, Tardis is linked to The Doctor only changes with him regenerating but then I thought, in the time since the Ponds' death, The Doctor's personality changed too. He is brooding, sulking, blaming himself for their death and he's not really aware of himself, and a little gloomy just like the new Tardis. I must admit I liked the old The Tardis better but I bet I'll get used to this new one in no time.

Just like The Tardis the intro is changed too. I'm not sure how I feel about it, I liked the old, tradition way with little changes every year but this is unlike anything of the 2005 series. I don't hate it but I've always liked the idea of The Tardis travelling and getting beat
up in the wormhole, so I'm conflicted right now.

What I like mostly about Matt Smith is, his weird reactions to things. In this episode we see many of them and we see him changing moods in seconds. Seeing himself in the mirror wearing the bowtie was amazing. One second he is lost in his mind again, not even aware that he started wearing the bowtie, as I did notice he wasn't wearing it in the beginning of the episode. And with Clara's 'It's cooler' remark, he is back to the silly The Doctor we know, back to saying 'Bowties are cool!', which normally they're not but on him... they are.

Well into the episode after Clara visits Madam Vastra, to get in touch with The Doctor, 'The Lizard Lady'  calls the Doctor and says she gave her the one word test and The Doctor says 'It's always pointless, what did she say?' the answer is of course 'Pond', which has nothing to do with Amy but that hits The Doctor very hard. We see The Doctor taking off his glasses and looking at them, I'm sure you remember those are the ones Amy wore on the last episode, Angels Take Manhattan. I think that was a nice touch and don't imagine if there was anything else to convince him to help. I also think that kind of made him give Clara the key to The Tardis and take her as a companion so very quickly, I think he saw that as a sign from Amy to move on. I don't know, The Doctor is a weird alien who does unexpected things, he could have interpreted as anything, really.

All in all it wasn't really a Christmas Special was it? It is the first Christmas Special since the series started again in 2005 that a Christmas themed episode wasn't the 0th episode of a season. It was solely about Jenna-Louise Coleman's character, whoever she was, she is Clara the barmaid and the governess but she is also The Souffle Girl, in the Dalek? I can't figure out how Mr. Moffat will link those two together but apparently they are linked together because Clara says the same last words as Oswin 'Run you clever boy. And remember.'

Best quote of the episode is no wonder when Clara asks why he chose her to be his companion, he says:
"I never know why, I just know who."
And gives her the key to The Tardis again. I won't be surprised if we see Clara or whatever will be her name, uses the key to enter The Tardis in the future episodes.

It is no mystery that we will see The Souffle Girl again, but in which way, I can't estimate. But I must regretfully admit, the 'coming soon' part did not make me that much excited as the previous years. But when it comes to Doctor Who, I don't mind being wrong.



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